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Selecting High Value Added Corn.

The main way our ancestors improved the quality of corn was through selecting the best strains for cultivation. In fact, for centuries much of the corn consumed in Mesoamerica has been undergoing a process of selection for flavor, aroma, and texture appropriate for use in products like tortillas, tamales, tostadas, popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, arepas and many others. However, classification and registration of the different races, hybrids, and varieties has generally been carried out from an agronomic, cytological, and taxonomic point of view. Few studies have evaluated quality and the physiochemical properties of corn.
In the present day and age of free markets and globalization, more concern has been shown for corn quality, as both consumers and processors are looking for corn varieties that are appropriate for their particular processes and products. The concept of High Value Added Corn has evolved to designate corn with specific characteristics that provide technological and economic advantages in the case of certain processes and products.


High Value Added Corn